high pressure jetting

BOE Oil Tools provides custom programmed and configured high pressure jetting operations thru tubing, in horizontal and vertical applications, in cased hole, or in the open hole using our unique high pressure, high temperature Rota-Jet tool. 

The Rota-Jet offers highly effective solutions for:

  • Sand, Wax, Scale Cleanouts
  • Slotted Liner, Screen, and Perforation Cleaning
  • Acid and Chemical Stimulation
  • Fishing, Cutting, Perforating, & Slotting Tubing & Casing


BOE Oil Tools provides life of well oil tools and services - from design, through manufacturing and procurement to field installation.  Products and Services include:

  • Cased Hole Packers and Flow Control Completion Tools
  • Remedial Workover Tools and Services
  • Artificial Lift Accessories
  • API Wellheads, Trees and Live Well CT Hangers

Milling & Cleanouts

BOE Oil Tools provides a variety of milling and cleanout services including:

  • Composite Plug, Cement, Ball Seat and Frac Port Milling
  • Confirmation Runs
  • Thermal and CHOPS LP Horizontal Well CleanOuts
  • Thru Tubing Interventions